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3DS Export for SolidWorks 1.0
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3DS Export for SolidWorks 1.0

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Publisher's Description:

3DS Export for SolidWorks - 3DS Export for SolidWorks is a 3D Studio® 3DS file export add-in for SolidWorks®. This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to export 3D solid and surface data from a SolidWorks part and assembly document to meshes in a 3DS file.

3DS Export for SolidWorks tessellates the solid bodies in a SolidWorks part or assembly document into individual triangular meshes. These meshes are then exported to 3DS file as mesh objects. The level of tessellation can be controlled by adjusting the resolution slider in the 3DS Export for SolidWorks options dialog box. A lower resolution will yield coarse meshes (lesser faces), whereas a higher resolution will result in finer meshes (more faces).

3DS Export for SolidWorks is very easy to use. Once installed, it automatically loads itself into SolidWorks and adds a new submenu called "3DSExport" to the SolidWorks menu.

The '3DSExport' submenu consists of the following commands:

# Export - Export meshes to a 3DS file

# Help - Display the 3DS Export for SolidWorks help file

# Register - Register your copy of 3DS Export for SolidWorks

# About - Display the 3DS Export for SolidWorks About box

3DS Export for SolidWorks comes with detailed documentation for each command as well as a tutorial to get you started in the shortest possible time.

The 3DS File Format

The 3DS file format is the native file format of 3D Studio. 3D Studio has now been replaced by 3ds Max whose native file format has a .max file extension. However, 3ds Max is still able to read and write .3ds files. 3ds Max is one of the most widely-used off the shelf 3D animation programs. It has strong modeling capabilities, a flexible plug-in architecture and a long heritage on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is mostly used by video game developers, TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization.

List of Changes:

Version 1.0 from 2006-11-23


3D Studio file export add-in for SolidWorks

Download Now
File Size: 2.2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Jack Nichols 2011-03-17 15:54:37 #
Version: 1.0

Worked well on first try of a fairly complicated housing for a medical device. My coworker was able to import directly into 3DMAX with very few problems. The second part I tried to export failed. I tried several resolutions. Solidworks kept crashing. May be that I am using SW2011. I finally set it on lowest resolution, but the 3DMAX import was distorted and useless.

Stein17 2009-10-04 04:05:26 #
Version: 1.0


Good plug-in. Working with SW2008. Very limited trial. 10 items only were converted. I can not buy it for one use for personal home design.

br_anwithay 2008-12-11 15:59:20 #
Version: 1.0

Quadrilateral Mesh

I think this add-in would be greatly improved if there was an option for quadrilateral meshes rather than, or in addition to, triangular...

x64 2007-11-02 08:57:24 #
Version: 1.0

Lack of Color and x64 edition

It worked fine in exporting files to 3DS format. The parts came in one color, even when our part had multiple colors for different faces. It will be better of the resulting file preserves the colors of the original SolidWorks.

It was not able to added as a Add-In into SolidWorkd x64 edition. I think it is the way how the installation is done.

b harney 2007-08-28 03:10:32 #
Version: 1.0

high res? not high enough

When the export is imported into 3d studio max at its highest resolution the result is far from a smooth result. The model wasn't to a high resolution.

PeterK 2007-08-15 06:13:25 #
Version: 1.0

Doesn`t work

I tried several different SolidWorks objects and the conversion was incomplete, so I could not use the output. I gave the interface a "fair" score because it seems intuitive. If the incomplete conversion was related to settings, then I'd suggest the interface is the problem. I gave both features and price/value a score of "poor" because it didn't convert properly. If it did, I'd rate the price/value a "fair" as I believe $195 for a conversion routine is about 5x too high. It is easy to use once installed as an addin. So that got my best rating.

Tatoz 2007-03-08 23:43:42 #
Version: 1.0

Material and Meshes

I'm not sure if 3DS can handle a correct color/mesh exporting but I couldn't find a way to select (in Blender) and join similar parts in large assemblies through material, color or mesh selection. The export process seems to generate a unique material/color assembly where I need to select and join parts one by one.
When doing it with VRML exports it this kind of selection is possible, I've also tried with OBJ export and the different colors from the Solidworks assy are visible but yet can't be selected into Blender.

John Arthur 2006-12-26 02:23:15 #
Version: 1.0

Very easy to use

As they claim, truly "software made simple". As easy as saving a file.

Download Now
File Size: 2.2 Mb